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It is a solderless construction device used for the prototype of circuit design. Mostly every electronic circuit needs to be tested before their proper construction for industrial purposes. Components are interconnected by the terminals into holes and connections are going to be made through wires. Usually, the best place to start electronics and circuits are […]

A diode is a PN Junction device and it has two terminals which allow current to flow in one direction,i.e., forward bias. It simply acts as a switch which allows current to flow in the forward direction (switch ‘ON’/’Closed’) but blocks the flow in the backward direction (switch ‘OFF’/’Open’) and act as a resistor. Research […]

Inductance is the ability/property of the circuit which produces an induced voltage (potentially created by the electric field) when there is a change in the current which is also known as self-inductance. The Formula for inductance,i.e., V = L*di/dt. Research Work – Kinetic Inductance Microwave Resonators for Quantum Simulation of Nonequilibrium Bose-Hubbard Models. So, the question […]

Capacitance is defined as the changes take place in the electric charge as per the changes takes place in the electric potential. It is also known as a dielectric which acts as an insulator between two capacitors that has the ability to store electric charge. Research Work – A Microfabricated Transparent Capacitor for Sensing Ethanol It […]

Kirchhoff’s law is the law that doesn’t depend on the combination of the circuit so this law can be applied to any of circuits and it is used for fundamental circuit analysis. Research Work – Applying Thévenin’s Theorem and Kirchhoff’s Junction Rule to a Common RC Circuit Kirchhoff’s law can be divided into two different laws […]

A multimeter is a tester used to measure different electronic components by combining different measurement functions in a single unit with a high degree of accuracy. Research Work – Basic instruments: Multimeters Furthermore, Display numeric values to display the values of the measured quantity of electronic components. Also, known as VOM, i.e, Volt-Ohm Multimeter. Multimeter […]

Current and Voltage Divider rule used to solve the circuit in a simplified way. Also, both follow Ohm’s law. Research Work – Pre-charging switch arrangement, power supplying arrangement and also method for connecting a load to a high direct-current voltage source Voltage Divider- Any series circuit in which individual resistor voltage drop is hence proportional to […]

The combination circuit is defined as the addition of several different paths, i.e., use in the circuit for the flow of electricity. Research Work – PYY (3-36) and exendin-4 reduce food intake and activate neuronal circuits in a synergistic manner in mice. Furthermore, the types of the path to be use in the combination circuit or […]

Sources needed to defined as the component that provides electricity or you can say power supply to the circuit, hence helps in performing a particular function. Research Work – Low-complexity voltage and current sources for large-scale quench detection of high-temperature superconducting cables. Sources are mainly of two types:- Independent and Dependent sources. Independent Sources – Circuit parameters are […]

A battery is a device consist of electrochemical cells that generate energy from an internal chemical reaction. Research Work -Anion-regulated solid polymer electrolyte enhances the stable deposition of lithium ion for lithium metal batteries. The 9-v flat common battery used in small projects. It is an energy source of a steady dc voltage of fixed polarity. Furthermore, Batteries are […]